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Some items that mostly used in rainy season

During these times, it pays to be ready for a downpour whether you’re at work or in school. Having your rainy day gear will not only prevent you from getting sick, it will also keep you looking clean, dry and fabulous.
1. Umbrella
An umbrella is a hand tool that is used to stop rain and prevent from sun. When buying an umbrella, choose one that can withstand strong winds and is big enough to keep you dry. Also, consider your lifestyle and daily activities. We can use it on summer as well. So, why not to go for a transparent or something colorful.
2. Jacket or Raincoat

Raincoat is another best solution to be safe from rain. Sometimes, an umbrella really doesn’t work at that time so, raincoat play an important role to protect your clothes from getting wet and soiled. It helps to keep your body warm. Feel free to experiment with different styles. Raincoat helps in easy and convenient flow of body rather than holding umbrella in hands.

3. Boots or Plastic Bags:

Wearing the right pair of footwear can save you from the hassle of walking the streets with wet feet. Shoes are a big “no” this season – these will only be ruined by the rain. Yes, we agree boots doesn’t looks good and fancy to wear. As we know there is nothing worse than going around in trousers soaked in mud and rain. As far it’s very useful for everyone during rainy season.
4. A sturdy Bag:

Another one I have added is sturdy bag. This bag helps us to keep our electronic device safe. Arm yourself with a bag that has enough room for all your rainy day needs, so you don’t have to worry about carrying too many things on your way to work or school. Look for a bag that’s waterproof, or bring an extra plastic bag for your wet umbrella or jacket.
5. Evening Dress with Ankle Length Boots:
Dressing up looks pretty and make you feel that gloomy days are actually not so bad at all. Boots saves your feet from getting soaked and your style quotient remains on point.

6. Denim Jacket:

The denim jackets have been around and are one of the outfit worth for daily use. They really look cute in summer days and can actually help you during those rainy days. Plus, Denim jackets it’s very comfortable.
7. Shoe Saver:
Shoe saver helps to protect the shoe and pant from rain and mud. Shoe saver is most useful things for bike riders and it gives enjoyment in riding.

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